Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nashville Hairshow....

Just got back from one of the biggest annual hairshows in the country that takes place in Nashville, TN.  I had a fantastic time!  There were tons of vendors promoting the latest products and tools, and also TONS of the latest trends in hair education. 
Hair education is a MUST in this business.  Trends and techniques are continually changing and we must keep up with the times. 
I have several classes lined up for spring, and the most prestigious show in July called Paul Mitchell's 'The Gathering' in Vegas.

I can't wait to give you a great cut/color and style that you can be sure is the hottest thing out there!! 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well hello there!  So, it's the end of February and we are already reaching temperatures that are in the upper 60''s going to be a hot, humid summer. 
Does your hair frizz up and get all wavy in the humid Tennessee weather??  Want to permanently correct this?  YOU CAN!!!  Keratin Complex Smoothing System will smooth your hair for up to six months.  Six months of NO FRIZZ.  Six months of perfect, wake up, ready to wear hair!!!  The shine it provides is unreal.  Best of all there is no damage.  This product is actually fortifying for the hair! 
Call or come by today for your free quote.  Perfect hair is more affordable and easier to achieve than you think! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't stress your tresses without a heat protectant...

We are always abusing our hair...flat ironing...blow drying...and not to mention all the everyday pollutants, etc. that our locks must endure. 
I have several great options to protect your hair from damage that are gentle enough to use everyday! 
I'd love to help you take care of your me today!!

Need a moisture boost??

Try Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.  It gives your hair the moisture you need without weighing hair down.  It also smells fantastic!!! 
Only $10- for shampoo and $12- for conditioner!!

Beauty Systems Group Hairshow....

Hairshow coming up end of March!  I'll be there :-) 

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's almost that time...

It's get a little warmer...ever so slowly.  Ah, won't it be nice to relax in the sun again?  Beside the pool, or ocean, or just on our patio?  But wait...what about our color fading??!!  What about frizz from humidity?? 
Now is the time to get started!!!  Our hair needs special attention to be at it's absolute best and healthiest through the summer months.  Give me a call today and I'll let you in on those fabulous hair SUMMER SECRETS!! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The best styling product for curl/frizz I've found yet!! Morrocan Oil...

Do you hate the frizz your curls produce naturally, but also hate the 'sticky' or 'crunchy' feeling that other curl products leave behind??  Well have I got the solution for you!! 
Try Morrocan Oil Curl Defining Mousse to help activate lifeless curl while sealing in moisture, eliminating frizz, and offering optimal hold without the 'crunchy'!
If your curl is just too dense, frizzy and stubborn and you want to defrizz, lengthen the curl, and add shine than try Morrocan Oil Curl Defining Cream!  This product has an advanced technology that provides intense conditioning and a curl memory factor that contols frizz for extended periods allowing exceptional movement to hair while enhancing the natural look of curl. 
Come by and grab one of these miracle products for your curly q locks today!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tea Tree Special from Paul Mitchell is AWARD WINNING!!

One of the 'Best of the Best'!!! 
Do you have a dry, itchy scalp?  Come see what Tea Tree can do for  you!!
Tea Tree Special Shampoo Award 2010 Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice Award 2008 & 2009
Tea Tree Special Shampoo®
“Best Shampoo” Reader’s Choice Award 2010

“Best Shampoo – Dandruff”Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award 2009

“Best Shampoo – Dandruff”Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award 2008

Tea Tree Special Conditioner
Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice Award 2008 & 2009
Tea Tree Special Conditioner®
“Best Conditioner – Dandruff”Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award 2009

“Best Conditioner – Dandruff”Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award 2008

WOO HOO! Hair Education!

The season for hairshows is almost here!!  We love to keep up to date and informed, and one of the best ways to do this is to attend the biggest 'Hair Shows' you can find!  Paul Mitchell is having a huge hairshow in Nashville and I can't wait to attend.  Next, one in Chicago....then off to Vegas. 
With all of this up to date knowledge we strive for, you can be put at ease to know you're in great (and talented) hands!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ROCK YOUR HAIR!!! (With Michael O' Rourke)

Hello All!
A fantastic new product has just been added to the mix...Michael O' Rourke's ROCK YOUR HAIR!  This is the next generation of BIG, BOLD HAIR!!  These products not only come in the most fashionable pink diamond encrusted bottles, but they also really work!!  Are you lacking body and shine?  If so, these products will literally rock your hair and give you health, shine and body at the same time. 
Come by and check them out today!!